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IQ Modular Intelligent 12G-SDI Distribution amplifier

January 26 2018

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Single/Dual channel 12G-SDI Distribution amplifiers 


IQSDA41/42 distribution amplifiers provide fantastic packing density and output fan-out for UHD-1 12G-SDI applications. When combined with the IQH4B IQ enclosure, IQSDA42 provides industry leading 80 channels of signal distribution in 4U of rack space, with 320 outputs available. 

Built-in RollCall intelligence and SNMP compatibility allows easy integration with SAM, or third party, network management systems providing an all-inclusive monitoring and control solution.



>>Intelligent SDI re-clocking distribution amplifiers for UHD-1 12Gbit/s or quad 3Gbit/s, and HD 3 Gbit/s or 1.5 Gbit/s signals

>>IQSDA42 configurable as 1 input to 19 outputs, or 2 inputs with 9 outputs per input, or 4 inputs with 4 outputs per input

>>Equalizes up to 60m at 12Gbit/s, 90m at 3 Gbit/s and 180m at 1.5 Gbit/s when using Belden 1694A cable


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