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Product Update -NEW ELBER Dual Modem Gigabit Ethernet MW Link

May 9 2018

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The HS++Link is the evolution of the IP-native HS+Link to meet the needs of low cost/high performances MW network. A “real” GIGABIT ETHERNET RADIO. The IDU integrates a Dual Channel-Modem supporting two active ODUs to aggregate or switch the traffic between two links. Superlative functionality with modulation scheme up to 1024QAM and channel BW up to 120MHz for each modem, capable to deliver a throughput of 810Mbps Full-Duplex for each channel.


Ready-to-use redundant configuration for link protection (1+1 HSB, FD and SD), link aggregation (2+0) or Dual-End station (East/West).






  • Up to 2 Gbps aggregate capacity.


  • Available modulation schemes:
    • QPSK/16QAM/32QAM/64QAM/128QAM/256QAM/512QAM/1024QAM


  • Available channel bandwidth:
    • ETSI standard: 7/14/28/40/56/80 and 112MHz
    • ANSI standard: 10/20/25/30/40/50/60/80 and 120MHz


  • Up to 1Gbps throughput over a single channel at 1024QAM


  • Integrated XPIC mechanism.


  • Customer network data interface:
    • 3 x RJ Gigabit Ethernet (100/1000Base-T)
    • 4 x SFP (1000BaseSX/LX)


  • Two USB ports for connecting USB-flash disk or PC.


  • “In-Band”/”Out-of-Band” Management.


  • Support of RADIUS Server authentication for users remote access.


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**WAM Pacific is the exclusive Philppines distributor of ELBER.  

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