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Product Update - Marshall Electronics- AR-DM61-BT will be released in Midyear 2018.

March 28 2018

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Multi-Channel Digital Audio Monitor with built-in Live Video Preview Confidence Screen 


Experience versatile audio analysis functions, flexible matrix routing and format conversion tools, and a pair of powerful speakers packed into 1 RU with the new Marshall AR-DM61-BT Multi-Channel Digital Audio Monitor. The AR-DM61-BT is a powerful audio/video QC solution designed specifically for TV stations, broadcast trucks, transfer stations and house of worship facilities. 

Marshall consulted directly with broadcast engineers and systems integrators to develop a practical and flexible solution that packs versatile audio analysis functions, flexible matrix conversion tools and a pair of powerful (~100 dB) speakers into a single rack unit (1 RU). The first audio rack unit with an intuitive 10" wide LCD touchscreen in the industry, the AR-DM61-BT can display up to 64 audio channels from multiple signal types and includes a built-in live video preview confidence monitor.

The AR-DM61-BT supports two dedicated 3GSDI inputs with loop-through (one MADI compatible), one HDMI input, eight balanced analog audio inputs, four stereo AES inputs and eight channels analog balanced input and output. Cleverly designed sealed speaker enclosures maximize output in a small form factor for use in noisy control room environments where economic use of rack space is crucial. 

Planned software upgrades and optional hardware extension ports enable the AR-DM61-BT to serve as a "future proof" solution that will evolve with the ever-changing requirements of the broadcast A/V industry. Additional features include support for the latest Dolby™ formats, Dante™ networked audio technology and a built-in web server for software updates, storing, and retrieving presets.


Technical Specifications:


● 10-inch LCD Intuitive Touchscreen Panel displays up to 64 channels vertical or 2

    detailed channels horizontal with LKFS bars and peak indicators
● Built-in live video preview monitor
● Accepts inputs from multiple signal types with format conversion and matrix routing
● High-powered stereo speakers (up to 100 dB output)
● Push-to-mute functionality
● Slim 1 RU Design
● Support for all current Dolby™ formats including 7.1 Surround Sound
● Optional Dante™ Networked Audio module
● Store and retrieve saved presets via web server
● Software upgradeable "Future-proof" platform
● AES 67 Compliant
















AR-DM61-BT Inputs / Outputs

●Two dedicated 3GSDI inputs with loop-through (2 or both MADI compatible), and one additional HDMI input, 
● 1 3GSDI or MADI output.
● 8 balanced analog inputs (-20 ~ +60 dBV gain) on "D" connector
● 4 stereo AES inputs and outputs on one "D" connector
● 8 channels output (-10 dB or +4 dB switchable) on "D" connector
● Dolby™/Dante™ optional modules
● Ethernet (RJ45) with IP addressing
● Front-facing headphone jack (1/4")










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**WAM Pacific is the exclusive Philppines distributor of Marshall Electronics, Inc.  


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